CIPD Assessment Activity 4DEP Activity 3.5 Self-assessment and PDP

During the period of your studies, reflect on your performance against your plan, including. As you reflect, identify if there are any further development needs and update your plan accordingly.

You will be required to submit your updated CPD plan and CPD record at the point of final assessment. Activity 3.5 is completed at the end of the course and a separate deadline is set for this. (Note: If required, CPD plan and record templates are available at ).

Activity 3.5
In my previous 4DEP submission, I demonstrated particular initiatives which I aimed at achieving in both my professional and academic life. Also, in the PDP is focused on presenting an approach that I believed would be instrumental in guiding me in achieving individual learning, performance in areas of personal development, education, social and career development. However, as the course progressed, there are some particular changes that I have deduced that were prevalent in my career, social and learning process all leading to a positive achievement and progress. Additionally, I have significantly improved in areas that I felt were my weaknesses and threats in my previous PDP submission. In this regard, this section offers a reflection on my shortcomings against my plan and identification of if there is any further development necessary and through this update the plan efficiently. In this paper, I will reflect on my performance against my plan and identify if there is any further development that is essential to me and as such make updates of my plan accordingly.
In regard to my academic work, I have made achievements consistently with my average grades improving from an average student to a high performing student. This has been necessitated by the SWOT analysis which I developed appreciating my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Other than in my academics…………………………………………………..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this assessment in full for only $10