CIPD Assessment Activity for 3DEL Delivering Learning and Development Activities (LO 1, 2 & 3)

Activity 2:

Write a reflective statement relating to Activity 1 in which you explain:
 how you ensured your own capability and readiness to deliver the activity
 how you ensured the availability of space, equipment and resources for the
 the physical and psychological features of a ‘positive learning environment’
and the steps you took to create this
 your reflections on the effectiveness of your skills in delivering an L&D


Ensuring Individual Capability and readiness in delivering the activity

Individual Capability

The process of delivering learning and development session was an initiative I had not been actively involved in the past. The far I had gone is delivery of a presentation and as such the delivery activity was significantly out of my comfort arena. I wanted to ensure that I was on the appropriate path and as such, I had to ask my colleagues for their critical assistance, and they assessed their notes to note if there was any point that I had failed to include in my presentation. Additionally, it took me a significant amount of time in making the most appropriate decision on my practice and what I was supposed to deliver during my session. In my selection, I had decided to present on the factors of employee retention and how the employee’s competencies impact it. In this case, I provided the competency statements as I had already gained confidence in this area after practicing it over the past several years. From my courage and determination on this topic, I appreciated the fact that I would be in a position of answering any question posed to me and actively participate in the process of learning.

Readiness in Delivering the Activity

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