CIPD Unit 3 5CHR Business Issues and the Contexts of Human Resources Formative Assessment


1.0 Introduction

In contemporary HR function roles, people professionals involved are actively engaged to assist an entity in delivering assigned corporate strategies and objectives. As evidenced in CIPD (2020a), due to prevalent business issues determining the HR context, different organisation objectives are distinctly offered in various organisations. In merging strategy, HR is critically involved in the overall process since they are assigned to ensure due diligence is adopted (Careerminds, 2019). In the provided case study involving two retail stores in a merger process capitalise on economies of scale, HR function is actively engaged in playing an instrumental function. Hence, this report provides an evaluation of different external factors that impact a business, HR function roles to support the organisation in the process of merging, strategy development, and ethical issues prioritised.

2.0 External Factors that Impact a Business and adopted Approaches

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