CIPS Corporate Award Advanced Practitioner (CAAP)

Project proposal template and guidance



Proposal for the installation of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system on the North Block Building rooftop within the Civic Centre and achieving operational efficiencies through reduced expenditure on energy usage

Aims and Objectives

  • Meet organisations business objectives: A Council Motion unanimously approved a ten-year plan to ensure that the council achieves net zero carbon emissions by 2029.
  • Maintaining Organisational Resilience: A 25-year installation with forecasted output provides stability to external electricity price shocks.
  • Responsible Financial Management Strategy: reduced future costs to the Authority through lower energy bills.
  • Improving the Public Realm, maintaining our Green Spaces and Promoting Economic Growth: Procuring sustainably will realise cost savings in addition to safeguarding the environment and promoting a green recovery.

Method to be Employed / Methodology

  • Develop the business case report to proceeding to Procurement, the proposal is a “design, supply and install” that will be tendered under the Council’s contract procurement rules.
  • For benchmarking purposes historic yearly Civic Centre consumption data analysis is required:

           -Total KWH consumption with the Civic Centre

           -Tonnes CO2 emissions emitted by the Authority

           -Billing Data (including levy charges)

  • Stakeholder engagement to guide with close management of the key stakeholders, identifying their expectation and analyzing them based on their Power and interest of the project and finally influencing them to back the scheme.
  • Drafting technical documents (specification, pricing schedule, ITT, Quality questions) and using a bespoke award criterion that gives us the most lifetime savings, rather than the cheapest system which may not actually deliver the net lifetime savings required
  • Making use of a bespoke framework (Energy Efficiency Measures Framework) and run a mini-competition exercise led by the London Borough of Bromley

Sources of Information

  • Key internal stakeholders
  • Authorities Contracts Procedure Rules (CPR’s)
  • COP26 data (Conference of the Parties)
  • Bromley’s Net Zero Action Plan Performance Report 21
  • Internal analysis and spend data
  • CIPS Material


In what ways does the project further the impact or credibility of the procurement function within the organisation as a whole?

  • By delivering savings across 25 years of approximately £300,000
  • Will save 500-600t CO2e (Carbon dioxide equivalent) over 30 years
  • Will ultimately create a resilient and net zero borough

In what ways does the project represent a significant challenge to the individual, given breadth of current experience and job function?

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