Community Health Nursing Helping the Community Recover from Disaster

Recover The effects of a catastrophic event on the community are long lasting. The public health nurse has a broad scope of practice and plays an active role in assisting communities recover from catastrophic events. Public health nurses need to understand and implement evidence-based practices that will benefit decision making. Recovery is the task of rebuilding after a disaster. This process can take months, even years and require rebuilding of services and infrastructure, facilities and operations, and the lives and livelihoods of many thousands of people. Recovery planning identifies the long-range actions needed to return the organization to its normal operations as quickly and completely as possible; and may involve issues such as medical, psychological, infrastructure, liability, insurance, and documentation. Members of the community must: •Wait for word to return; •Assess damages and take pictures; •Compile and report damages to our insurance company; •Clean up; and •Coordinate efforts with public sector recovery team.
for this discussion you will assume the role of health department official. discuss how each member of this team will help prepare the community to recover from this event. address the following: •identify the long term environmental effects. •identify how the community as a whole will function during recovery. •identify strategies of ongoing debriefing and communication with the community. •identify strategies to provide ongoing health care and support services.
Trained Health personnel play vital roles in emergency response and recovery process. In the normal circumstances, nurses and other health professionals can undertake research to better understand the nature of the aftermath disaster so as plan on the best way to respond to similar events in future (Loke, & Fung, 2014). This may involve the community and other stakeholders in planning carefully for the disaster response and recovery. Some of the major environmental effects especially when it is a flooding disaster include; waterborne and communicable diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, a breakdown of water sanitation and contamination from industrial wastes (McEntire, 2014).
Firstly, as the state health agency will work closely with hospitals and other healthcare departments to identify the damage and initiate recovery plans. The head of the health department will play a role in assessing the community trauma….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5