Creativity Essay Questions

Essay Questions #2

Question 1

In the modern business environment, entities ought to exist in a highly competitive and dynamic practices. This is supported by Siyal et al. (2021) which note that for organisations to succeed in the international highly competitive business environment, they must embrace on effective creativity. Nevertheless, it is for the employees to ensure that they drive creativity, challenging employees way of thinking and providing fresh chances of business practices and opportunities. Further, in Acar et al. (2019) report, it is evident that the creativity and innovation can be adopted interchangeably despite of being distinct concepts.

Further, for the structure, this ensures that there are individuals appropriately positioned in harnessing creativity. For instance, in a hierarchical organisation structure, all the players work in collaboration to ensure successful innovativeness. This is with the culture which is evidenced by norms and values pointing to creativity with the incentives promoting the scope of their involvement in the process.

An example of an organisation which do a good job to nurture and leverage on the creativity of its individuals. As evidenced in Lv et al. (2018) this is with the organisation nurturing a sustainable learning culture. This is with incentives and employees being offered with a chance to partake in the conferences. Recently, policies have been initiated for the process success.

Question 2 Adopting the definition of Ayre et al. (2018), collaborative research agreement represent a.,………

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