Definition Essay -Cool Cool People Break Rules only Right Rules

The purpose of this essay to define the term cool. This is not a dictionary definition. It is using examples and details along with an article that I will provide to explain what the concept means. The first thing that you will need to do is come up with three to four words or ideas that express what cool means to you. This will ne your body paragraphs. Within each of these paragraphs, you will give two to three examples of the concept or word. This can be people or events, but each example must be accompanied by sufficient detail (anywhere between 4-6 sentences). Use your notes from the previews modules for the introduction and conclusion. Do not just summarize the article. Pick pieces from the article to include within your body paragraphs.
Definition Essay (Cool)
In spite of the ambiguity, it is evident on the capability of readers to distinguish cool attitudes or behaviors from the uncool ones (Winkler, 1). It is a fact to assert that cool has a capacity of resisting linear structures. For instance, a linear search of power is not cool and neither constant loss of power is cool. In this context, being cool implies a phenomenon that release a formulation of a new aspect and uncontainable. Ideas that form an excellent demonstration of cool include original artistic works such as Walt Whitman, cultural rebellion (Harley Davidson) and a cultural legacy by legendary Jazz saxophonist Lester Young. In light of this, this essay will provide a detailed explanation of the meaning of the concept.
In regard to original artistic works such as Walt Whitman, the poems, songs, and essays he crafted were ideally a sign of individuality. In this case, his artistic was both endeared by many but controversial in equal measures. For instance, one of his work, “Leaves of Grass” was a trial to reaching out to the common person with an American background. This prompted………..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this assessment for $10 only