Different Dimensions used to Distinguish Types of Innovation

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Question 1: Different Dimensions used to Distinguish Types of Innovation

From this module notes, innovation has been noted to be classified into distinct classes and categories. It is in this regard that Ubaid et al. (2019) developed the 4Ps of innovation space framework. The framework is relevant for mapping the four dimension space with the dimensions including process, position, product and paradigm (see figure 1);

Figure 1: 4Ps of Innovation Space

It is through a reference of the 4Ps identified that an organisation is in a position of understanding the innovation and influences better. For instance, Heij et al. (2020) identified the product as influencing the manner in which an organisation changes the things offered by an organisation. Further, for the process dimension, this entail changes in the manner in which an organisation is created and eventually delivered. This is while the position innovation dimension involving appreciation of the context in which the products and services are offered. Finally, for paradigm innovation dimension evidence the underlying mental models framing what the organisation successfully advance the innovation as part of their operations. The rationale of this is informed by the fact that innovation demand embrace of collaboration, ideation, implementation and value creation. This is for the organisation success in their operations holistically.

Question 2: Graphs of Technology Performance and Technology’s Market Adoption The two graphs which would be compared include the S-curve of cumulative adopters and the normal (bell-shaped) curve of market share. As evidenced in Denning and Lewis (2020)

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