Essay Questions #3 Question 1: Different dimensions used to distinguish types of innovation

Essay Questions #3

Question 1: Different dimensions used to distinguish types of innovation

In line with the different insights from the current module, the innovation is noted as being a dynamic practice grouped in various activities and area of interest. This is supported by Guinot et al. (2022) research which had identified the 4P’s of innovation framework which is used in mapping various dimensions of innovation for the best practice in its implementation. As illustrated in figure 1, this entail the aspects of product, paradigm, process and position.

The 4 P's of Innovation Every Entrepreneur Must Know | Dutch Uncles

Figure 1: Dimensions which distinguish innovation types

Product- For this dimension, it evidence that the different products and services are found influencing the necessity for embrace of innovativeness. This is by highlighting on different segments essential for embracing successful change in regard to the provisions granted to an entity.

Process- This is used for the purpose of evidencing the level in which change is representative of the way things are developed, offered, and successfully implemented. Through a holistic delivery of these products, the process is successfully achieved with innovation evident which impact the likelihood of advancement of holistic innovation.

Position- For this dimension, it is found influencing products and services as part of innovation being introduced and target provision and target to provide a clear information on the innovation and what it involve.

Paradigm- Considering this dimension, it has an influence on the change process framed with an entity practices noted. This inform how the business environment is found influencing entities embracing innovation hence leveraging on their competitive advantage.

Question 2: Two Graphs of Technology Performance and Technology’s Market Adoption Considering the aspect of technology performance, the two groups which could be compared are the S-Curve which prioritise on cumulative adopters and normal (Bell-shaped) curve which highlight on the concept of market share. Considering the findings in Priestley et al. (2020), the importance of the S-Shaped Curve is informed by the fact that it evidence the early

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