Essay Questions Leadership and management Roles Differing

Essay Question #3

Question 1: Leadership and management Roles Differing

As evidenced in Anbu (2019) study findings, leaders and managers roles are in most instances used interchangeably. Besides, there are elaborate difference between the roles of both of them. For example, considering the leaders roles, they entail leading a team and influencing the members to execute particular roles with great success. This is with managers having a different role of ensuring that an organisation or a project is executed as planned, offering good directions, maintaining and coordination. This is while ensuring the entire process is under their control. In affirming this, Suharti and Sugiarto (2020) argued that managers roles include the initiatives used to control a particular organisation group for their goals achievement. This is at the same time making sure leaders influence, motivate and enable the rest to contribute in a positive manner to success of their entities.

It is important highlighting that both are interdependent. They rely on each other for existence and success. According to Ali et al. (2019), leaders and managers must accommodate one another in order to achieve organisation core objectives and goals. This is since they both act as carrier of their entity vision and mission while making sure clear direction is adopted for resources acquisition and investing in their successful adoption.

Question 2: Context Impact on Entrepreneurial Leadership Style Adopting the definition of Pisoni (2019), entrepreneurship implementation……

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