Formative Assessment 1 (40572/08) 7SBL


Please provide a written overview of when you have used time management skills effectively within a business role. In your response please comment on your situation and why you selected that particular way of manging your time. During this time, which interpersonal skills did you require to use in order to meet your deadline?

In your answer provide an updated version of your PDP and comment on how you can be more effective in that area.


Executive Summary

This report entails two tasks. In task A, it involves a situation that involved the use of time management skills effectively to manage part of the organisational change. In task B, it entials solving a business issue while using various skills of time management, leadership, communication, critical thinking, and informed decision-making. The topic being discussed was averting a possible strike from the employees due to poor management and rumours that the organisation would consider rendering employees redundant. Across the two issues, it is apparent that management personnel require competence in these skills.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

1.0 Introduction. 4

2.0 Task A: The Use of Time-Management 4

2.1 My PDP. 5

3.0 Task B: Solving a Business Problem.. 6

4.0 Conclusion. 7

References. 8

1.0 Introduction

Competence in various skills for the human resource managers is essential in enhancing the individual’s performance and that of the organisation. These abilities include time management, communication, critical thinking, informed decision-making, and interpersonal. To ensure successful completion of a project within the organisation or implementation of change, an interplay of these skills is imperative to foster timely delivery and quality of work. This report entails two tasks. These include an instance that I used time management and another that involved solving a business issue.

2.0 Task A: The Use of Time-Management

Time management skills are crucial at both a personal and organisational level. They assist in the timely completion of an activity and mitigating delays (Verma et al., 2018). At my organisation, I was part of the team tasked with spearheading the change in information systems of the organisation, from the reception to the finance. My roles were sourcing for the most suitable vendor, engaging with them, and presenting a report to the chief financial officer, human resources manager, and the technical team for consideration into the next stage. The critical challenge is that I was given two weeks to accomplish the activities.

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