Formative Assessment 1 (40572/36) 7ELW


Executive summary

This assessment focus on various problems on various areas in work environment. It is very clear that changes are inevitable in employment. These changes have positive and negative effects to employee and employers. Additionally, there are various problems that face employees and employers are responsible on handling these problems. It depend with the way employers respond to their problems for them to feel satisfied in their operations. Also organization should consider various factors like location, competitors,   when strategizing their companies.


Table of Contents

Formative Assessment 1 (40572/36) 7ELW.. 1

1.0 Introduction. 3

2.0 Employment status. Features of self –employment status. 3

3.0 Problems that face employees and their responses by employers. 4

4.0 Benefits of working hour shifts to employees and organization. 5

5.0 Conclusion. 6

References. 7




1.0 Introduction

In recent years, the sector of employment have become so broad depending on employee and employers responsibilities. According to CIPD (2020), workforce is characterized by different services that are provided to customers in industry. This paper focus on several areas in employment environment. These areas include; Employment status, problems that employees face and how employers respond to their problems. It is noted that employees have voice to communicate their problems. Also benefits of employees working on shifts are emphasized in this assessment. Such benefits include; high productivity due to conducive environment in workplace, learning and applying new skills and freedom to employees since they have enough time to do their own things. However, employers have responbilities to ensure that employers are comfortable in their operations.

2.0 Employment status. Features of self –employment status

According to CIPD (2020), in every organization, many services are provided to the clients depending on a workforce for a better work life balance. Employment status is increasingly important as a new way of working in organizations and in private sectors such as private businesses which is common. Employers need to know their responsibilities according to legal acts of employment in an organization .Report of CIPD,2020 shows that there are three categories of employments which are: employees, workers and self-employed .These different status includes various types of part-times, fixed-term or temporary contracts. This paper focus on tax and

Basing on Janice responsibilities in an organization it clearly shows that she lay under the category of self –employed status. A self –employed individual will determine their own hours and no guarantee of a minimum of maximum amount of work. Janice provide training courses when they were needed ,but there was no guaranteed of a minimum amount of training courses she would do (CIPD,2020).On the written agreement between her and the organization says that Janice can provide someone else to run the training services on her behalf. A self-employed individuals can send someone else to work on their behalf, therefore, this show another evidence that Janice is a self-employed individual. Additionally, self-employed individual, work on their own account, invoice work done and stand for financial risks. Janice invoices for the work that she does, and pays her own National insurance(Emmott,2016).However, Janice has never asked anyone to run any training courses for her and this relate to the features of an employee who carry along her responsibilities without any assistance from somebody else.

3.0 Problems that face employees and their responses by employers

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