Formative Assessment 2 (40572/09) 7SBL



Select a large well known Plc organisation you are familiar with. Download a copy of the most up to date annual report which is available and write a critique of the businesses financial performance by comparing last year’s financial results with this years. Within this, highlight, clearly, the top 5 key future financial goals of the business.


You have just acquired you first postgraduate HR role after graduating with a 2.1 Honours from Glasgow University. Your alma mater has asked you to write a short article for the student newspaper talking about the skills that you require both post-graduation and working in the HR department where you are based. Critically evaluate the skills you require citing any key literature which helps you explain this further.


Formative Assessment 2 (40572/09) 7SBL


Executive Summary

This report entails two tasks. In task A, it involves a critique of a business financial performance. The company evaluated is British American Tobacco (BAT), which is a public limited company (Plc). The evaluation demonstrates a remarkable performance of the organisation comparing the 2018 and 2019 annual reports. In Task B, it entails an article for the critical skills that HR professionals require and during an individual’s post-graduation. From the critical evaluation, key skills in HRM include critical thinking, performance management, informed decision-making, interpersonal, and teamwork.


Table of Contents

Executive Summary. 2

1.0 Introduction. 4

2.0 Task A: Critique of the Business Financial Performance. 4

2.1 Financial Performance. 4

2.2 Key Future Financial Goals. 5

3.0 Task B: Essential Skills in HR and Post-graduation. 5

4.0 Conclusion. 7

References. 8



1.0 Introduction

The financial performance of an organisation demonstrates its effectiveness in product or service delivery and competitiveness. The financial performance is compared in subsequent years, which defines the company’s growth and development. It is, therefore, essential for the company to establish achievable financial goals, which demonstrate the company’s efforts to meet its potential. In human resources, the employees need to demonstrate competence in diverse skills, which aid in accomplishing their activities. This report evaluates the financial performance and goals of the British American Tobacco (BAT) Plc and the skills that one requires in post-graduation and working in the HR department.

2.0 Task A: Critique of the Business Financial Performance

2.1 Financial Performance

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