HRM2SPR 5DVC Developing Professional Practice Part C


5DVC Part C: Continuing Professional Development Record

Name: Membership Number:  
Covering the period from: 1/12/2019 To: 1/6/2020


Key Dates What did you do? Why? What did you learn from this? How have/will you use this? Any further action?
1/12/2019-1/6/2020 Pursued the CIPD Level 5 course to achieve a certificate and also an individual empowerment based on CIPD qualifications To be able to deliver knowledge and skills in a more effective and authentic way with a capacity of improving the HR function in my current organisation I allocated 2-3 hours everyday and approximately 8 hours over the weekends to ensure I complete this course successfully In future, I intend to register for the Level 7 CIPD course to further develop myself better as a HR practitioner
January -March 2020 Learnt on how to make decisions in the different L&D activities I implement in my organisation and in my interaction with the rest of HR and employees I intended to improve my problem-solving skills, boost my confidence levels and being in a better position of solving all issues pertaining to recruitment


Being in an appropriate position of coordinating all activities relating to HR and all other stakeholders

There is always a need for capitalizing on different available opportunities to engage with different stakeholders such as tutors/HR managers and to leverage on appropriate problem-solving strategies In future, I intend to learn more skills of teamwork and ensure that I am able to interact with people from diverse backgrounds

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