HRMM055 Assessment Task – Individual Poster Presentation


In this assessment, you should prepare a poster presentation (1500 words, A1 size). The presentation should identify TWO key leadership and management challenges that you have experienced within your organisation or using a case study organisation.
The poster should consider why these are key issues and how they impact on the organisation. You should also consider if the organisation could have avoided these issues and/or if they could have been managed differently (for example during Covid-19)



Leadership and management are vital issues in organisational growth and development. However, Azad et al. (2017) note that the two are independent functions, which promote change and teamwork in the organisation. Drawing from current literature, leadership is defined in visionary and the right actions. Management involves task-orientation and doing things right. Several leadership styles exist. Transformational leadership, for instance, is concerned with change and motivating employees. However, leadership and management are influenced by several issues, including ensuring the productivity and performance of the employees, managing change, training and development, and the individual’s wellbeing. This presentation entails two leadership and management challenges experienced at the organisation. The issues are examined based on Virani Food Products Limited. The two issues examined are ensuring employee productivity and performance and managing change.

Organisation of Interest

Virani Food Products Limited is a family owned business that was established 4 decades ago.  The organisation is founded on the Virani brand of gram flow that has become the preferred supplier of pulses, seasonings, and spices to most manufacturing organisations. These companies service the majority of dynamic and demanding retail markets globally. Together with the organisational partners in the origin states, Virani Foods Products Limited source for ingredients to suffice the evolving technical needs of the regulators and customers ( The firm also ensures continuity in the supply of the consistently high-quality goods to its customers.


Ensuring Employee Productivity and Performance

Employees’ performance is based on several factors. According to Kenny (2019), among these aspects in training and development, which improves the individual’s capability. Several forms of training exist, including on the job training, simulations, and using lectures. Notably, individuals that undergo on-the-job training have better performance since this increases their competencies and skills that arise from experience. Another aspect of ensuring employee productivity is performance appraisal. This precedes training and development. According to CIPD (2019), performance management aids in understanding what the organisation expects from them, evaluating the individual’s output and contribution to the company, and ensuring that the individuals are accountable. Feedback from performance management informs the training and development. This ensures that the individual’s performance is aligned with the company’s objectives.

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