Individual Poster Presentation (AS1); Managing Change and Ensuring Employees Productivity and Performance (Apple Inc Organisation)

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction. 2

1.1 Organisation Case Study. 2

2.0 Issue 1: Ensuring Employee Productivity and Performance. 2

2.1 Productivity and Performance at Manar Industries LLC. 3

2.2 Rationale of Employee Productivity and Performance as an Issue. 3

2.3 Best practice in Avoiding the Productivity and Performance Issues. 4

3.0 Issue 2: Managing Change. 4

3.1 Change Management Issue at Manar Industries LLC. 4

3.2 Rationale of Change Management Issue. 5

3.3 Effective Managing of Change for Future. 6

3.4 Roles of Organisational Leaders and Managers in Change Management 6

Conclusion. 6

References. 8

1.0 Introduction

Leadership and management are core for harnessing organisation growth and development. As evidenced in Azad et al. (2017), both concepts represent independent functions harnessing change and collaborative workplace environment. As evidenced in the current existing literature, leadership is identified as visionary with right actions pursued. This is with the management inclusive of task-oriented practice with the right things being executed. For the leadership theories, Shields and Hesbol (2020) identify them to include transformative leadership theory. This reflect the best practice adopted to achieve sustainable change and employees motivation. Besides, the leadership and management are impacted by a set of factors such as harnessing productivity and performance, hence management, capacity development and employees wellbeing. In this report, it focuses on evaluating selected leadership and management challenges encountered in case study organisation Manar Food Industries LLC organisation. The identified challenges entail managing change and making sure achievement of employee productivity and performance.

1.1 Organisation Case Study

Manar Industries LLC organisation is ISO 22000:2005 is a fully certified organisation with their dedication being on satisfaction of snack cravings of their clients from year 2000. As evidenced in Manar Food Industries (2022), they are involved in provision of savoury snacks comprised of the best cooking methods and innovative techniques. This is with a perfect balancing of flavors, spices and the highest quality of ingredients integrated for production of consistent delicious range of snacks. Their upwards of 40 snacks variants achieve nook and corner of Oman and has been exported to 5 different nations. The organisation mission is manufacturing and selling highly healthy, nourished snacks by unwavering dedication for introducing crispy moments and goodness with every bite.

2.0 Issue 1: Ensuring Employee Productivity and Performance

In contemporary business environment, employee performance is influenced by a set of factors. Adopting the definition of Kenny (2019), these factors entail capacity development which harness personalised capability., There are different forms of training in place including job shadowing, simulations and attending lecturers (Fletcher et al., 2018). Importantly, individuals going through the on-the-job capacity development leverage form an improved performance as this harness competency and skills development from their experiences. In every 6 months, performance appraisals would be pursued. The link with performance management is identified by CIPD (2019) as inclusive of harnessing scope of facilitation of the organisation expectations of them, personalised output and contributing positively to the organisation and making sure accountability is attained amongst all stakeholders. From the outcome received from performance management process, the best capacity development approach is recommended. This is while ensuring what Roberts (2019) recommend as aligning individual goals with broad organisation objectives successfully.

2.1 Productivity and Performance at Manar Industries LLC

In Manar Industries LLC, for the past half year, productivity and performance of their employees has largely been affected. Further, as a consequence of prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic, Manar Industries LLC has been prompted to alter their operations scope which has also been impacted by slow global economic growth. This has had a direct and severe implication on the organisation performance management scope which is annually implemented. In year 2022, the organisation has not managed to pursue a performance appraisal focusing on their staff. This challenge is also linked to the lack of appropriate resources for pursuing employees capacity development. As evidenced in Galiakberova (2019) evaluating the Human Capital Theory prioritise on assessment of evidence for the relevance and value for people in the organisation operations. Today, Manar Industries LLC have failed in their investments in human capital hence impacting on intellectual capital, technology and innovativeness and idea-based practice.

2.2 Rationale of Employee Productivity and Performance as an Issue

In modern business environment, employee performance anchor growth and development of an organisation. In an organisation which lack this, Wiradendi Wolor (2020) identify management as failing in understanding the rationale of specific outcome in an organisation. Despite of COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacting global economy, set targets by Manar Industries LLC organisation has failed in meeting their set standard. Further, within the same period, there has not been a budget set for facilitating training and development in the past one year for ensuring employees facilitated with relevant skills and competencies for core organisation success. Also, as identified in Schleicher et al. (2018), the lack of sufficient productivity and performance management has had a direct implication on organisation capacity of leveraging on competitive advantage. For Manar Industries LLC, over the years, success in their operations has been evidenced by their capacity foe embrace of differentiation approach for leveraging on competitive advantage. This make sure that uniqueness of the organisation products is evident harnessing accrued value accrued for their clients. For differentiation, technology and innovation embrace is core which is harnessed by human capital inclusion. According to Fernandez and Gallardo-Gallardo (2020), lacking appropriate measures for ensuring staff productivity and performance is attained derail organisation innovation and being creative impacting differentiation ability.

2.3 Best practice in Avoiding the Productivity and Performance Issues

As a best practice, employee productivity and performance management is embraced of change and introduction of new strategies for evaluating performance of employees while harnessing embrace of capacity development approaches. As a best practice, Caputo et al. (2018) research targeting multiple organisations highlight that by embrace of technology, they improve their performance and operations increase. Operating in the food industry and particularly online deliveries, they have managed to invest on relevant information technologies (IT). Nevertheless, this is yet to be part of the performance management and capacity development approaches. A theoretical concept applicable in introduction of a new approach to the entity is the transformational leadership model informed by need for harnessing motivation and change process. Apart from this, technology-informed strategies ensure staff performance and productivity increase cheaply and sustainably. This is with a substantial initial investment made.

3.0 Issue 2: Managing Change………………………..

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