Key Concept Exercise for a specific change initiative and most appropriate framework for change


Week 6 sees us continue along the theme we started to look at in Week 5, with an extension of some of those earlier ideas on the change implementation process. It is a relatively light week in terms of the number of activities required, as there is neither Module Project nor Personal Development Portfolio entries required – just an initial response to a Key Concept Exercise, followed by the second week of subsequent collaboration.

The KCE this week asks a simple but challenging question – for a specific change initiative of your own choosing, what would be the most appropriate framework for change? In order to answer this question within the assigned 500 word limitations, it may be useful to ensure you address these key issues:

  • Provide a brief (approx 20-25 word) summary description of a specific change initiative that could be beneficial to an organisation with which you are familiar.
  • List the critical success factors (the specific things you will need to get right if the change initiative is to be successful) that will be relevant to this change.
  • For each CSF, briefly describe the nature and extent of resistance you would anticipate.
  • For each CSF, briefly describe your planned response to any anticipated resistance.
  • Prepare a graphical overview that you believe would assist affected stakeholders to understand the planned process of change.

This is quite a challenging task that demands careful consideration and a well-planned response. An early beginning on that task is strongly recommended!

In an approximately 500-word response, address the following issues/questions:

Critically analyse the key factors that will require specific attention during the implementation stages of a significant change initiative in your own organisation, or another organisation with which you are familiar. Your response should address the following requirements:

  • Identify the critical success factors that will determine the effectiveness of a change process at the organisation you have chosen to review, and evaluate the extent to which the quality of performance in each factor will impact the effectiveness of the change initiative.
  • For each of those factors, assess the extent to which the change initiative may experience resistance of some description, and identify the most likely symptoms of that resistance.
  • Present an overview summary of the most appropriate strategy to be adopted in response to the potential sources of change resistance.
  • Synthesise the responses to those questions into a graphical model of the change process framework that would be suitable for distribution to those organisational staff that are impacted by the proposed change.

By Day 3 (Saturday), submit your Key Concept Exercise.

When writing your responses, you should synthesise the theory with real world experience. Use examples of the theories in action in a real organisation about which you have read or one in which you have worked.


Summary description of change

Aetna is a multi-national healthcare service provider in the Middle East. Currently, the company has been faced with challenges in recording clients and other stakeholder’s information. The change initiatives will include establishment of a new electronic health record system.

Critical Success Factors (CSF)

The CSFs that will determine the effectiveness of this change process includes leadership, service quality and client satisfaction, clinical quality and safety and access to information. The successful implementation of this change will rely on the efforts of the leaders in managing all stakeholders, organizational culture support, and empowerment.  The need for this change is to improve quality of services and client satisfaction, this together with the clinical quality and safety is multi-faceted critical factors (Savolainen, 2013). They cut across offering of support services and delivery based on the organizational chain as depicted in the electronic health records. Lastly, information access will be essential to gather, monitor and communicate on the different service quality and client satisfaction electronically.

Resistance to Critical Factors

In regard to leadership CSF, the resistance will emanate from the confusion among the leaders since the change process will include altering well-established patterns of care. Please click the paypal Icon below to buy this solution at $5 only