Lightning Fast Theme Park Project Management Journal Entry

Lightning Fast Theme Park
Lightning Fast is a popular theme park, resort, and zoo which is set in the rural surrounding area of Warwickshire, England. The park covers 380 acres and accumulates over 1 million visitors each year. The park opened in 1975 and since that time, has built some very famous attractions which attract visitors from around the world. The most famous attraction is “Lightning Rod” which is a multi-million pound roller-coaster and the only one in Europe to travel at 150mph, allowing people to twist and turn at 4.3 Gs whilst hanging upside-down.

Lightning Fast has over 100 animals in its 20 acre zoo and also hosts a variety of special events including firework displays throughout the year. The park was founded as a family business and has won several awards including: “UK Attraction of the Year” 2009, “Outstanding Contribution to Tourism Award” and a Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor in 2014.

In order for Lightning Fast to continue to be successful; numerous project management initiatives are conducted throughout the year. During the course of the module, we will explore various aspects of Project Management at Lightning Fast, and you will carry out various project management activities which will aim to add “value” to the Lightning Fast theme park. You will make judgements on what future project management activities should be undertaken that might enhance Lightning Fast’s efficiency, productivity, financial performance, etc.

Case Study Task 3
The project manager seldom chooses their own project team members and often inherits existing employees to be part of the project team. All successful projects require careful monitoring and control to ensure the project scope triangle is maintained.

Lightning Fast frequently has project teams which are not selected by the project manager. This is often due to staff availability and cost control rather than the best project skills available. Lightning Fast continues to be mostly successful with their projects undertaken. Nevertheless, the project team morale is often reported to be quite low. As the Senior Project Manager, it is your responsibility for ensuring employee morale is maintained and that project staff are used efficiently and effectively.

Write a short Journal Entry 300 words:

You need to consider how you can utilise a “project definition statement” (see page 229 attached) to clarify team roles and improve team morale for your project. You should also make reference to the benefits of having a clear “problem escalation strategy” (see page 294 attached) to help project team member clarification for your identified project.

Case Study Task 4: Project Closure
As identified in the previous reports, my project involves introducing children entertainment segment in Lightening Fast to ensure that parents willing to visit the zoo with their children are comfortable. In this context, my project closure shall be carried out after meeting with the parents who re clients of the Zoo, project…..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this essay with only $10