MGT 522: Executive Business Communication Business Proposal


Why should I invest in your product/services?

Your task is to present your product/services to investor(s) and convince him/them to accept your business proposal.  The template is just a guide. You are encouraged to use your creativity.


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Why Invest?

  • As an investor, it is always appropriate investing in organisations with not only good returns but good future for growth and development.
  • By buying shares from an organisation listed in Tadawul or any other stock exchange, it is possible to get good returns
  • For this report, it forms a background for investing in DR. Sulaiman Al Habib (Sulaiman Al Habib ).
  • This is particularly the infertility area of the organisation operations

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Company Profile

Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group, is a healthcare organisation based in Riyadh Saudi Arabia with their specialization in different areas of healthcare provision. Of importance focus in this report is the learning institution for healthcare professionals which manages 10,475 employees to generate their $1.56 billion in sales. By investing in this organisation, growth is imminent

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