MKT 532: Strategic Marketing A walk through one of our clinics


Questions for the Case:

1. Suggest ways of achieving customer-centricity by implementing CRM initiatives. How can Kaya implement such initiatives?

2. What are the different methods of customer segmentation? How does Kaya implement customer segregation?

3. Evaluate the success of Kaya’s international branding strategy.

4. Should the customization of expert services and customer friendliness work for the brand, or should the company redefine the Kaya brand?


KAYA Skin Clinic: Creating a Sustainable Competitive Advantage with Customers

Questions for the Case:

1)What processes are involved in Kaya Skin Clinic’s delivery of services? Based on the information provided in the case and in YouTube videos of Kaya Skin Clinic Middle East, provide a blueprint, or outline, of the services provided.

As evidenced in the case study, there are a set of processes which are involved in Kaya Skin Clinic’s delivery of services. The different Kaya clinics are aesthetically pleasing, offering comfortable ambience with state-of-the-art technology being provided. The clinics service concept is designed and established by different expects including dermatologists and beauty therapist.  Apart from these effective approaches of services delivery, Kaya Skin clinic is credited of achieving their operations in the Middle Eat as a blueprint service through the following dimensions;

  • Quality– A core rationale Kaya is viewed as a favourite skin care destination is their clinics employing the best employees/experts with the most resent awareness on technologies existing. This is while adhering to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approvals. Prior their enrolment, all Kaya staff are taken through a training program to familiarise themselves with existing technologies and advancing their product knowledge and improvement of soft skills, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Services processes– In entire Middle East, the Kaya products and services are customised to the needs of their different clients who visit the facility. The clients are engaged in selecting the most appropriate skin care solution including anti-aging, pigmentation and acne treatment and permanent hair reduction. The outcome of this has been production of upto 50 standard products assisting in daily hair care and skin care. The clinic dermatologists assess skin conditions and needs of their clients and offer an appropriate treatment regime.
  • New formats introduction– Since 2013, the case study identify Kaya as having increased on their portfolios offerings in India. These include the Kaya Skin Bar and Kaya “Shop in Shops”. These are established for serving varying needs of working women always moving with limited time for skin care services. By embracing their retail concept, Kaya is in a position of reaching out to multiple clients for meeting their daily skin care and hair care needs.

Further, the varying process or services offered by Kaya Clinics are based on the varying customers’ needs which are fulfilled through a consideration of distinct solutions. These include;

  • Provision of personalised care– A high-level attention is provided for the skin care customers who tend to be extremely sensitive. Part of this include provision of customised skin care advice with their action plan intended to transition to their best practice in skin health journey. The scope of their services customisation is evidenced by recruiting experts in cure and the others operating in the beauty area.
  • Dermatologists– As part of their services provision process, the dermatologists in the clinic are used in assessing conditions of their skin and needs of clients and presenting them with a good plan for treatment. Through this strategy, the clients evaluate on the existing options, considering the ultimate results of treatment and eventually agreeing on the set plan. After the clients are in agreement with the established plan, the real journey either to achieve healthier and beautiful skin is initiated with the eventual outcome being an assurance to Kaya.
  • New Formats of Operations– The organisation new formats of operations are intended to promote their access to various categories of clients in India and Middle East. As a best practice of ensuring reaching out to all clients, Kaya offers their working women lacking sufficient time for shopping. This is by accessing these products in the Kay clinics.
  • Cultural Aspect– For the Kaya beauty products and services, they are provided in line with the Arabic culture. For instance, the organisation operations in United Arabs Emirates (Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Al Ain) and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is dependent on their culture of these regions. The organisation prioritise on the Arabic culture of customer care, meeting their concerns, embracing customer centricity and high-level transparency. This team in Kaya make sure that the overall entity is customised in adopting a collaborative performance delivery approach.
  • Digital engagement– This represent a significant area of the Kaya operations. This is by prioritising on the digitisation of their operations with the social media integration improving their overall brand awareness. Kaya operating in Middle East ensure they are socialising in their digital communication and marketing partnering in their marketing communications and as such improved brand awareness in the entire region.

These approaches are appropriate since the organisation prioritises on the following areas;

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