MKT4810 Marketing Management tactics adopted by Dr. Beckett’s dental office

As you are a marketing consultant, analyse the marketing tactics adopted by Dr. Beckett’s dental office, and propose ways to increase revenue. Address your consultancy report to your client, Dr. Beckett.

Word count: 2,000 words maximum – from introduction to conclusion including in-text references. Anything you wish not to be included within the 2,000 words should be in the appendix. Therefore, if you include tables and figures in the text, these will count towards the 2,000 words.

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· Evidence of reading is important and therefore sources must be correctly cited and fully referenced in Harvard style.


Dr. Beckett’s dental office case study represents a dentist interested in differentiating her practice on a quality basis. Nevertheless, her strategy has resulted in a rise in the overhead expenses up to 70-80% of revenues excluding the wages and office rentals. As a consequence of the increase in the provider overhead costs, a movement in the U.S had been initiated through the establishment of large health maintenance organisations (HMO) tasked with the role of setting prices for services by setting an upper limit on the amount to be charged by dentists for different procedures. Nevertheless, the HMOs lead to the dentists offering low-quality services for low prices. As a consequence, Dr. Beckett opted not to be an HMOs provider and focus on quality. As a common resolve, their decision was to offer superior dentistry in an efficient, profitable and in line with confines of a caring and quality environment. The challenge nevertheless has been making the patient aware of the quality differences to ensure they shift from the low-cost services dentist and opt for Dr. Beckett quality but costly services. In this case, this report provides an analysis of the marketing tactics adopted by Dr. Beckett’s dental office and recommendations for strategies of increasing overall revenues.

Marketing Tactics adopted by Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office

The marketing tactics adopted by Dr. Beckett’s Dental Office is based on service marketing. According to Armstrong et al. (2015), service marketing is a strategy that capitalize on the relationship and value. Services have proved to be more challenging in marketing as opposed to the goods due to their nature. Besides, Helkkula (2011) has pointed out that experiences are the best indicator of how good the service providers are provided. The risk of prioritizing on quality is nevertheless evident from the issue of enhancing quality consistency. This is particularly when the cost of the service is high leading to a concern on assuring the customers that the service value matches the cost charged. It is in this context that Lee et al. (2011) report pointed out that multiple factors must be taken into active consideration for ensuring quality and minimizing the risk despite quality entailing the costs with not all the consumers having the capability or willingness of gambling in paying for a service they are not sure. This phenomenon is equally evident in Dr. Beckett where she often had to incur costs ignored in the insurance policies. The service marketing mix is comprised of 7 P’s as opposed to the 4 P’s of a product marketing mix (Balaji Hospital, 2018). The marketing tactics represented by the 7P’s are guided by the providers influencing and satisfying their users.


Beckett’s dental office offer high-quality service with their strategy being from the simple (teeth cleaning) to complicate (dental surgery and implants). Further, the service offered is trustable and any patient can sufficiently rely on the services, increasing the service value with increased equipments and facility. Their approach is in line with Wijetunge (2016) study that observed that high service quality is a critical tool for guiding firms in differentiating themselves with their competitors hence leveraging on an increased competitive advantage.

Price and User Outlays

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