NSG 501 Critquing Nursing Theories Theory Development in Nursing

please feel free to correct. the sequence is very important. the description is base on china and kramer, knowledge in nursing development. paragraph with advance nursing practice need much work.
The purpose of the paper is to critique the deliberative nursing process theory by Orlando and the adaptation theory by Roy; following the Chinn and Kramer guidelines. The evaluation is aimed at gaining a clearer view of how well the theories work together long-term or acute care setting to see how useful it can be to nursing practice. The process of critiquing has several steps in the description and the critical reflection beginning with the major components that involves the purpose, concept, and definition of the theories. Additionally, the relationship structure and authors assumption are critiqued as well. The next thing in the theories evaluation is the reflection process. This process involved the clarity and simplicity of the theory. It also involved the importance, general, and accessibility of the theory, (Peggy & Maeona, 2015; Peggy & Maeona, 2015).
Orlando’s Deliberative Nursing Process Theory
Orlando’s nursing model was expressed in her first book, “the Dynamic Nurse-Patient relationship” which provides the key foundational understanding of Orlando’s perspectives of nursing (Faust,2002). In addition, it elaborates Orlando’s deliberative nursing process by examining challenges encountered by the nurses in practice.
The intention of deliberative model is to demonstrate the inter-relationship between the nurse and the patient.Orlandos suggests that since the nurse….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $10