Nursing Care Plan partial loss of ability to produce language (spoken, manual, or written) hence pronounced as being aphasic

dear students; i am writing to ensure that the everyone is on the same page for the final care plan. the care plan is in apa format and you can use the purdue website for assistance: your format should be 12: point font, times roman, double spaced with 1-inch margins. the layout should be as follows: cover page as outlined on the purdue webpage do not include an abstract introduction – this section should draw the reader to want to read further and sets the stage for the rest of the document assessment – this section must include subjective and objective information. remember do not restate the patient’s statements, put it in just as the patient describes the subjective information. diagnoses – include how from the assessment information you came to the diagnoses you have chosen. then give the textbook rationale plan – goals and objective section include the reasons for the selection and the textbook rationale that defends your position. interventions: include the goals it will help your reach, the rationale and how you will incorporate the patient implementation – how did you implement your plan? if it went well what did you do well. also, include what you or the patient did not do so well. what did you have to collaborate on to complete and how did that go? evaluation: what goals and objectives do you meet and why and which did you not meet and why. conclusion: what was the significance and can this care plan be used by other nurses to be successful, why according to the text. reference page i hope this helps
Focus: we are using potter and perry the latest edition and lewis the latest edition and nursing diagnoses book
Important notes: pls use the patient i’m gong to drop in the file the patient i am making a care plan for is a 62-year-old male, who was found on the floor face down with altered mental status, etiology unknown, aphasic, coughing, with dysphagia also noted, ct scan ruled out hematoma or cerebral bleeding. chest x-ray ruled out pneumonia. he went into respiratory distress and was intubated. gt peg was inserted r/t dysphagia and he was moved to med surg unit where he has now stabilized. he is no longer intubated but saturating at 98% on room air; no longer on gt feeding but on pureed carb consistent with nectar thick liquid after a video swallow.

This nursing plan provides a description of a nursing care plan for a 62-year-old male had presented to the emergency department with several days history of altered mental status after being found on the floor face down. As part of the nursing care plan, an assessment of the patient would be carried out, nursing diagnosis recommended, goals, and nursing interventions/rationale.
Patient Assessment
Collection of Data
Although his comprehension is intact, it is notable that he is suffering from a partial loss of ability to produce language (spoken, manual, or written) hence pronounced as being aphasic. Apart from Dysphagia which was noticeable, there was no any history of cases of weight loss, fatigue, night sweats, headache, nausea, vomiting, dyspnea, cough, or dysuria. Nevertheless, from a review of the patient medical history,…………………………………………Please click the paypal icon below to get the entire care plan at only $10