Nursing Leadership Course Your Leadership Review

a review synopsis: of this book gail evans, the author of play like a man, win like a woman. provide a review synopsis: a brief description of the text’s key points, what you’ve found most helpful and meaningful from the text, and whether or not you would recommend the book to others
Throughout her career in the super-competitive, male-dominated media industry, Gail Evans, one of the country’s most powerful executives, has met innumerable women who tell her that they feel lost in the workplace, almost as if they were playing a game without knowing the directions. In this book, she reveals the secrets to the playbook of success and teaches women at all levels of the organization–from assistant to vice president–how to play the game of business to their advantage.
The game of business is played on a field where males have been comfortable since they were very young, says Evans. It’s a game where winning is the obvious (and only) objective and where aggression, self-promotion, a tough skin, and an effective display of power are the signs of a winner (Evans, 2000). Women, on the other hand, enter the game disadvantaged, having been taught to be cooperative rather than competitive, to enjoy the process rather than simply the result, and to seek approval rather than assume success. In her entertaining, informative, and practical book, Evans sets out to level the playing………….Please click the paypal icon below to purchase this solution for only $5