Personal Statement of Duke of Edinburgh (DOFE)

My initial interest to pursue business management was prompted by the subjects I studied in school.  Over the years, I tend to believe that I have acquired the ideal caliber to forge an effective vocation in this field. In addition, my entrepreneurship background has amplified and inspired my verge to focus in this line of study. In particular, my immediate family members operate and manage successful businesses in England.

I have successfully undertaken the Duke of Edinburgh (DOFE) to acquire excellent motivation skills with proficiency to implement my tasks independently with great precision. I appreciate to the fact that these are the integral factors vital for success of business management in entirety. In school, my subject choice was inspired by the ultimate interest in venturing into business management career field. In particular, I engaged in studying business subject seeking to gain knowledge, realize the different global challenges in business and adopting business management prospects in critically mitigating the global issues in an individual point of view. In addition, learning mathematics offered me with monumental experiences in problem solving and analytical skills which are subtle to successful business management. I equally did psychology which assisted me in developing insights in marketing.

I engaged in work placement at a textile based business exploiting the opportunity of overseeing its distinct operations. This was a local textile manufacturing firm that operated in my hometown with key branches in India and subsidiaries globally. It is at my work placement that I leveraged on the opportunity for discovering the operations of the textile based business ultimately gaining immeasurable and valuable experience subtle for business management. My serendipitous moments were spiced-up by the fact that during my placement, the business was preparing their annual stock take. Hence, while observing the operations of the textile business, I developed positive insights into distinct business segments including personnel, the general operations, the Finance and Transport. Through my different susceptiveness,./…

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