Personal Statement to Georgia Tech University (Chemical Engineering)

Over the years, I have gained significant interests in questions such as “What is the role of chemistry use in large scale for the purpose of conversion of raw materials to finished products? Which is the best approach in creating and operating facilities in the best and impeccable manner to improve on the contemporary life settings?” These questions have characterized my younger age moreso triggered by issues such as the origin of metals, papers, plastics and the process involved in their synthesis and production.

To subsidize my interest in this field, I am currently reading excerpts from the Ronald Kesley publication titled the chemical engineering and industrial process. The interesting insights from this book are helping me to understand the concepts of industrial production, the role of a chemical engineer in the contemporary industrial practices and the challenges faced by a chemical engineer.

Studying mathematics, pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computing has assisted me in developing numeric and analytical skills. I believe that in combination with physics and biology, I have all it takes to study chemical engineering. My studies in economics and social studies in tandem with my subscription to Central Veterinary Research Laboratory have substantially assisted me in being up-to-date with the current affairs. This is inclusive of the role of chemical engineering in creating innovative materials suitable for delivering therapeutic materials more efficiently to increase their efficacy.  Following some research, I have become much interested in the concept of supercritical solvents as a concept of chemical engineering used in medicine, and I intend to pursue this line in future. I find the aspect of integrating chemical engineering to medicine appealing, and I have decided to make a substantial impact on the world I have to take a career path in chemical engineering……

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