Pharmacology and Nursing Care Discontinuing Chronic Addiction to Opioids

1. as a nurse practitioner, your patient has developed a dependency to opioid and is presenting signs of abusing the medications. medically, how can you develop a care plan to wean the patient off? what other resources can you provide for this patient? (1 paragraph and 1 apa source) 2. before prescribing any narcotic to a patient, what prior education should be provided? (1 paragraph and 1 apa source)
Discontinuing Chronic Addiction to Opioids
As the misuse and abuse of opioids continue to rise, clinicians must be particularly vigilant when prescribing chronic opioid therapy. Nurses often face equal pressures in addressing the health care needs of patients who have long been addicted to opioid (Volkow & McLellan, 2016). This task is aimed at providing an effective approach to the treatment of chronic pain for addicted patients when an addiction as a nurse professional.
Based on current literature a prescription for opioids with a rapid weaning schedule can be provided to minimize withdrawal symptoms. The primary objective of opinion waning is to maintain patient safety and comfort during initial and successive phases of the withdrawal process. This includes patient preparation to discontinue opioids in order to minimize withdrawal symptoms including muscle and joint aches, nausea, anxiety, runny nose (Volkow & McLellan, 2016). If the patient has been taking opioids for long, then the tater should be slow. The patient should not stop the opioid pain medicine right away. He/she should prescribed….Please click the Paypal icon below to purchase full solution for only $5