PWC CHRP 3RAI Recording, Analysing and Using HR Information Presentation Slides

Using your own organisation (or one that you are familiar with) review a specific area of HR data that is collected and stored (e.g. absence, staff turnover, pay, engagement, etc.). Analyse this data (make sure it is anonymous) and prepare a PowerPoint presentation (of between 10-12 slides), (using graphs, tables, charts, etc.) of no more than 15 minutes on your analysis and conclusions. The presentation should cover:

• An introduction to the HR data being investigated;
• Findings that clearly show your activity of analysing and interpreting the data;
• Your conclusions and recommendations, presented so that they would be able to inform and influence future decision making within the organisation.
• You need to write your commentary (what you plan to say) with each slide in the notes box under the actual slide. This will enable you to fully demonstrate your interpretation of the data provided.

You will not be required to give this presentation for the purposes of this assessment but you should assume that you would be giving it to a senior management audience in the workplace.
Slide 1: Introduction
Recording and analyzing HR information and data are critical in providing guidance to management in decision making based on facts and analytical information
Some of the common sets of data include absenteeism, gender, turnover, lateness, and sickness leaves informing on policy and government requirements
Data can also inform the need or not to restructure operations to meet demands and future trends
This report utilizes the turnover data to inform on the reasons for high turnover and need for employee retention strategies
Slide 2 Introduction of HR Data Being Investigated
The company of focus is the GMS which is the largest global buyer of ships and floating offshore assets for recycling
Company equally engage in ship recycling industry with innovative and practical solutions pushing for green agenda for safer recycling practices
The HR data of focus is the employee turnover rate identifying the percentages of employees leaving the organisation in a period of 3 years
This is done by focusing on the active employees at the beginning (B) at the end (E), number of employees who left and average number of employees
The company area of focus has approximately 44 employees with 29 in Dubai who form the primary area of focus in the investigation of the turnover rates
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