PWC CIPD 3C001 Business, Culture and Change in Context


Table of Contents

1.1 Key external Infliuences impacting/likely to impact organisation activities. 2

1.2 Organisation business goals and importance for organisations for planning for how they will achieve these. 3

1.3 Organisation’s products and/or services and main customers. 4

1.4 Technologies available; improving practices and collaboration. 5

2.1 Organisation culture and importance for fostering appropriate and effective workplace culture. 6

Organisation Culture Meaning. 6

Importance of Appropriate and Effective Organisation Culture. 6

2.2 Organisations as whole systems. 7

Positive Impact 7

Negative Impact 8

3.1 Importance of organsiation change planned and effectively managed. 8

3.2 Nature and importance of different roles in change agendas. 8

3.3 Organisational change impact people in different ways; changing role/status or financial situation. 9

References. 11

1.1 Key external Influences impacting/likely to impact organisation activities

To evaluate external influences which impact (likely) organisation activities, it is relevant to adopt PESTLE analysis. This is a tool which evaluate political, economic, sociological, legal and environmental (see appendix 1). According to CIPD (2021), people practice professionals are in a position of making strategic decisions. In Nahwasharq Co. Ltd based in Saudi Arabia (KSA) vehicle industry, the different factors which impact their activities are;

Political- In KSA, as at year 2021, an increase in new vehicles VAT was increased to 20% from previous 8% (Frost, 2022). This has a direct impact on organisation sustainability in the industry. Also, prevailing conflict of Russia and Ukraine has impacted Nahwasharq Co. Ltd business practice.

Economical-  From the times of COVID-19 pandemic, the KSA Economy has significantly increased in 2022 (World Bank, 2022) before it later levelled at 3% in year 2024 from previous 3.8%. This affect operations of Nahwasharq Co. Ltd in terms of dominating the industry and profitability. In current global inflation, this has not had immense implication to KSA as their economy has remained the same at 8% (Arab News, 2022). This has a direct implication on Nahwasharq Co. Ltd profit acquisition.

Sociological- Considering the entire KSA population, the Millennials and Generation Z are comprised of 57% of the entire population. In Saudi Gazette (2020), this identify these changes as impacting the demand for Nahwasharq Co. Ltd vehicles and the categories of the best vehicles purchased.

Technological- Currently, in KSA, the government and private institutions have harnessed the growth of digital/ technology embrace with approximately 7bninvested (Computer Weekly, 2022). For Nahwasharq Co. Ltd, they could capitalise on the growth of technology to increase their presence in the market.

Legal- There are various legislations in KSA and internationally impacting Nahwasharq Co. Ltd operations in the vehicle industry. For instance, considering Saudisation policy, they require the organisation to prioritise citizens on the opportunities offered.

Environmental– Considering the policies such as Green HR policy, Nahwasharq Co. Ltd capitalise on the need to invest on modern technology vehicles such as those using solar energy. The rationale of this is to lower the level of emissions in the country and climate damages.

1.2 Organisation business goals and importance for organisations for planning for how they will achieve these

Considering Nahwasharq Co. Ltd goals, they inform on the vehicles quality, safety and the overall quality. Further, considering the increased hybrid and electrical vehicles demand, Nahwasharq Co. Ltd ensure they invest on modern technology.

The different organisation goals include;

  • Providing premium vehicles which are of high quality to KSA citizens
  • Meeting demand for environmentally friendly vehicles in the country
  • Ensuring there is an increase in knowledge and awareness on the best vehicles in KSA
  • To provide modern technology vehicles which are roadworthy in the entire country
  • To pursue appropriate technologies and opportunities for all their employees in active practice

An effective plan of set organisation goals is noted in Valencia et al. (2019) to be important to achieve overall organisation goals proficiently. This is at the same time evaluating organisation operations, noting improvement areas and measures to meet financial targets and market dominance. Considering Nahwasharq Co. Ltd, the relevance of planning their goals are;

Allocating resources- ConsideringNahwasharq Co. Ltd operations, obtaining quality data and professional data mean that appropriate resources are allocated for the different goals achievement. Hence, the planning ensure that the resources are well budgeted by the organisation for ensuring entire goals are achieved.

Organisation goals prioritised- Goals planning has a direct impact on establishing an appropriate technical database for managing all issues impacting the organisation. The different goals are differently distinguished for the organisation successful practice.

Risks management and uncertainties- Since COVID-19 pandemic emerged, Nahwasharq Co. Ltd was affected by issues affecting their success in operations. The success of the goals identification ensure success in their practice.

Collaboration increase– for the different goals, by involving expertise and different stakeholders, it is possible to successfully pursue their operations. Considering Nahwasharq Co. Ltd, they ensure they are leveraging on market dominance and profits acquisition.

1.3 Organisation’s products and/or services and main customers

For HR function, when an organisation products and services are identified and their customers, they are able to execute their functions. Considering the CIPD HR Professional Map (CIPD, 2022), this is categorised as core knowledge and entail the need to appreciate various people practice professionals successful operations. The organisation products and services include;

  • Offering modernised vehicles– To offer this product, Nahwasharq Co. Ltd ensure that their vehicles are categorised as Computer-Assisted Inspection system. Their vehicles are able to accommodate modernised data, good service and practice. This is identified as 65% of their entire products.
  • Real-time Data – Nahwasharq Co. Ltd partner with Saudi Arabia Ministry of Transport and Urban Planning with cameras available everywhere for investments on road sensors for scanning vehicles success. Their efficiencies have been improved by integrating the use of technologies in the vehicles offered to their clients-
  • Insurance cover and safety- This entail 30% of the organisation revenues and profits acquired. Through partnerships with local  banks and insurers, the organisation is best positioned to offer insurance covers based on their demand. Certification is influenced by scope of awareness of the quality of these vehicles.

Considering Nahwasharq Co. Ltd customers, they include;

The primary customer of Nahwasharq Co. Ltd is new or existing car owners. Considering KSA data, it evidence that by August 2022, approximately 80,000 commercially driven vehicles were available. In the country, the average annual sales of vehicles accounted to approximately 500,000. Additionally, considering the increasingly popular ride-hailing cubs and taxis, they account for 11 million vehicles. These also include Nahwasharq Co. Ltd customers.

Further, the KSA government is part of their clients segment who purchase public buses and organisations vehicles accounting to approximately 150,000 annually. By partnering with the national government, they are best placed to improve their performance. The current transition to demand of motorbikes similarly offer an opportunity for the organisation successful in Nahwasharq Co. Ltd operations.

1.4 Technologies available; improving practices and collaboration

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