Research Proposal-Health awareness campaigns through social media

Title: Health awareness campaigns through social media
Research problem: How social media is used during breast cancer awareness month in UAE.
1. content analysis : facebook account for Zulekha hospital ( CSR award ) , the highest number of the followers compared to shj city’s private hospitals
2. Questionnaire: university of sharjah female’s students except medical college because medical college students are aware about breast cancer.
3. Face to face interview with one of the breast cancer patient.

Currently, social media is used as an enabler of information dissemination in different dimensions in the society. Through this, it is possible to collaborate and coordinate various activities that involve human life. One of such is the use of social media in the breast cancer awareness month in UAE. In the cancer management, oncologists, educators, and community leaders have adopted the use of social media to ensure that the populations are conversant with the need for early diagnosis and sourcing of the accurate medication. Hence, in this research, the role of social media in creating cancer awareness in UAE shall be evaluated in detail. Notably, through the application of different case studies in UAE, this study analysis will evaluate on the best practice in adopting social media to advance the awareness process. The challenges of the use of social media in creating awareness shall equally be assessed and solutions recommended as best practice.

1.0 Introduction 4
2.0 Research Problem 4
3.0 Theoretical Framework 5
3.1 Gratification Theory 6
3.2 Dependency Theory 6
4.0 Literature Review 7
4.1 Cancer Prevalence Increase 7
4.2 Impacts of Collaborating for Promotion of Cancer Awareness 7
4.3 The role of Social Media in Creation Cancer Awareness 8
4.3.1 Social Media application for General health awareness 8
4.4 Challenges of Social Media in Breast Cancer Awareness 8
5.0 Research Aim and Questions 9
5.1 Aim: 9
5.2 Overall Question 9
5.3 Research Questions 9
6.0 Research Design 10
Bibliography 12

1.0 Introduction
Currently, the social media has become a critical part of our daily lives. A responsible use of social media platforms is an efficient practice that enhances the improvement in communication and information sharing globally. According to Kaplan and Haenlein (2010), being on a social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn is essential as it facilitates consistent updates and awareness of different issues in the surrounding environment. To this end, social media has become a critical tool in healthcare in information sharing with far-reaching ramifications to the overall community. As Garcia et al. (2016) noted, the social media platforms can be employed during the health awareness months targeting to assist in raising awareness of the services delivered by a program. Additionally, the use of social media campaigns in the health awareness months is used in events promotion, joining broader national conversations and assisting in the enhancement of health improvement of all social media followers. For instance, in UAE a group of social media followers had organized a supercar rally in 7th April 2017 targeting to raise funds for cancer treatment in UAE (The National, 2017). This is perfect evidence that when social media is put to good use, it has a potential of eliciting tremendous implications to health awareness and control.
In UAE, social media has been used widely in health awareness campaigns. One of the most common health awareness campaigns that have immensely utilized the power of social media is the breast cancer health awareness (Garcia et al., 2016). Nevertheless, there lacks enough literature that identifies the effectiveness of the social media campaigns in mitigating or improving the health conditions in which they are set. In light of this, the outcomes of this research will be to demonstrate the effectiveness of social media platforms in promoting health breast cancer awareness in UAE. Additionally, the results from this study will offer an instrumental understanding of the processes in which the social media communities are founded. Ultimately, this will facilitate the optimal application of the social media in collaboration for promotion of breast cancer awareness.
2.0 Research Problem
Social media offers a platform where personal experiences, questions engagements and receiving direct feedback from individuals who have cancer. As Rotman et al. (2011);…………..Please click the paypal icon below to receive this research proposal assignment at $15