SHRM Partnership Proposal Request

SHRM may choose to partner with external organizations where these collaborations clearly help SHRM accomplish its mission. This document requests baseline information to help determine the nature of your interest and background on your organization.

  1. Brief description of your organization:

By Royal Decree No. (93) dated 10/24/1380 H corresponding to 10/04/61G, as an independent government body with legal personality, with the aim of raising the efficiency of state employees and prepare them scientifically to assume their responsibilities and exercise their powers in a manner that ensures upgrading the level of management and supports the foundations of developing the national economy. The institute also specializes in contributing to the administrative organization of government administration, giving advice on administrative problems presented to it by ministries and government agencies, and researching administration affairs and documenting cultural ties in the field of public administration.

  • Brief description of the idea, initiative or product being proposed for collaboration:

Owing to the increased demand for human resources to continuously develop their knowledge to align with the contemporary business environment continuously changing, this idea will be relevant. The rationale of this program is implementation of a professional HR program to be issues in Arabic language. The training courses and the certificate would have to be accredited by the organisation.

Also, the need for the collaboration is informed by the fact that as a result of prevalence of COVID-19 pandemic, there has been immense implications on HRM practices. These changes impact directly on the scope in which the employees are able to go back to their normalcy post-pandemic. The new workplace changes and best practice in managing future pandemics implication will be captured in the training course and certificate accredited by SHRM.  

  • How will this relationship work?

The relationship will work by IPA facilitating the program. Since this program would be offered in Arabic, the entire course content would be developed by IPA. SHRM will on the other hand be issuing this program to the targeted learners.

The relationship will be for mutual benefit to SHRM and IPA. As an accredited body of promoting HRM development programs, this course will be an added advantage to your organisation. It will also increase your positioning in the Saudi Arabia (KSA) highly competitive learning environment. Impacting more than 115 million workers and families globally, this program will be instrumental to even transition to a higher milestone and successfully.

  • How will it benefit SHRM and its members?
  • How will it benefit your organization?

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