SHRO12-6 Assessment 1: Employee Engagement Leading and Managing People

Critically analyse the concept of employment engagement

Critically analyse the relationship between levels of engagement and organisational performance in organisation

Recommendations to achieve changes to levels of engagement in your organisation

1.0 Introduction
Currently, all organizations desire to have fully engaged employees working in their entities. According to Kompaso and Sridevi (2010), it is a common desire for employers to have employees who work extensively and effectively and to some extent move an extra mile. In this case, different entities are sourcing to gain a win-win situation strategically oriented on meeting their needs and that of their employees. Hence, as noted by Robertson and Cooper (2010), employee engagement represents a combination of commitment to an entity with its values and willingness to assist all stakeholders (organizational citizenship) Hence, it moves beyond the practice of satisfaction and motivation. This report focuses on developing a critical awareness of current factors critical for leading and managing people effectively for sustained organizational, economic performance, competitiveness and prosperity. The company of focus is Petroleum Development Oman which deals with exploration and production of Oman crude oil and natural gas supply. The company operates through recruitment, training, and development of Omani employees and respecting their rights in lien with the Omani Labor laws. It consists of a dedicated and an extensive team of employees working towards the establishment of health work environment which is free from discrimination and harassment.
2.0 Literature Review
Adopting the definition of Brunetto et al. (2012), employee engagement is an emotional and intellectual commitment to an entity or a number of discretionary efforts exhibited by employees in their occupations. The issue of employee engagement………………………………………………………Please click the paypal icon below to receive this solution in full for only $10