(Solution) 2.3 Appraisal to identify Career Progression, Contingency Planning and Risk Mitigation


Career Progression- As evidenced in CIPD (2016), performance appraisal represent a core guide to achieve particular organisation objectives. This is guided by job satisfaction contributing to an increase in motivation and productivity. For instance, OcMara would be able to capitalise on appraisal strategies for identifying employees performance in different subsidiaries. The strengths of this include effective identification of all potential issues encountered. This is identified in the CIPD HR Professional Map (CIPD, 2022a) as leading to continuous development of staff with weakness put into account with strengths capitalised.  

Contingency Planning Management- This is a process identified in Wang et al. (2020) as inclusive of the course of action put in place for assisting an entity in responding to a case that is occurring/potentially occur. In performance appraisal process, to identify the best practice in contingency planning, an alternative plan can be set representing alternative course of action when they are failing in progressing their operations. Also, focusing on COVID-19 pandemic, Williams et al. (2022) identify COVID-19 pandemic as eliciting contingency planning as instrumental for promoting preparedness, analysing, responses and monitor actions. In OcMara case study, the strength of this entail relevant resourcing to be ready in phenomenon management. Besides, the weakness of this entail lacking ability of developing an enormous talent pool sustainably advanced.

Risk Mitigation- Considering the OcMara energy sector, it is defined by a lot of regulations and complex issues which elicit risks impacting right talent sourcing. Therefore, Norouzi (2021) identify the best practice as using performance appraisals for OcMara being in a position of managing entire risks associated with people practice professionals and managing attritions. The issues faced are noted by OcMara operations in place and lacking capability of filling prevalent skills and knowledge gaps.

 2.4 Social Media and Advertisements for Recruitment of Employees

Recruitment Approaches

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