(Solution) 3C001 how change can impact people in different ways. (AC3.3)


In contemporary business environment, various people/stakeholders are impacted by distinct ways as there is a need for altering the business objectives. For instance, considering MNGH-A, change has contributed to owners earning dividends in short-term basis and managers required to acquire knowledge and employees in different groups. Additionally, as part of the same change, there is a possibility that the employees would be eliminated by their jobs becoming redundancy. For instance in MNGH-A, they are able to engage HR teams in the change process. This has increased in terms of pursuing thoughts, different beliefs, needs, and feedback.

Additionally, as evidenced in Adams and Larrinaga (2019) for an organisation and its management and administration team, it becomes possible to leverage on competitive advantage. This is since the people practice professionals guarantee these organisation with a post-success. For instance, after COVID-19 pandemic emerged, MNGH-A invested in remote working implementation. This has ensured that the organisation dominate the health sector in KSA.

The leadership and management being the custodian of the organisation vision and strategy, they ensure that the change process is aligned with this. By capturing the strategy with the change opportunities, the organisation strategy becomes successful in being aligned with their strategy. All the limitations are eliminated with inclusion of all stakeholders being an assurance by the management. Additionally, the competitors end up feeling of intending to understand the scope of implementation of the change process. When an organisation performs well from the change insights developed, the competitors gain insights on best approach in the change process implementation. There are different challenges which are often encountered during the change process.

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