(Solution) 3C001 importance and role that people professionals play within change. (AC3.2)


As evidenced in CIPD (2022), the change is categorised as a core knowledge and entail an understanding of the scope of effectiveness for people professionals enabling change. The importance of people professionals involvement in change include;

 Employee voice and clear communications– As evidenced in CIPD (2021a) by actively engaging the people professionals in a change process, their interests are appropriately understood. This is with the importance of change being communicated for creating awareness. In such a phenomenon, the involved organisations have a high possibility of mitigating any form of resistance from the change implementation.

Supporting the change process with great people interventions– People professionals in their mandate of ensuring that the employees operates in an optimum business environment where they are all facilitated and supported is attained through their inclusion in change. For instance, considering MNGHA case study organisation, through an increased people professionals inclusion in change, training and development, provision of sufficient resources and good rewards for lowering employees turnover is achieved.

Facilitating system and structural change– As evidenced in SHRM (2016), majority of the changes in modern organisation influence structural and systems changes. Hence, through the inclusion of people professionals, it will be possible to link strategy and culture with minimal alignment of all strategies with culture disconnected when failure prevail.

The role of people professionals in implementing change would include;

  • Being the change victims, HR is actively engaged as a change agent by pursuing a strategic positioning of plan and at the end implementing the change
  • Further, being a change follower, the HR make sure they offer an appropriate platform intended to harness knowledge acquisition by the participants to the change.
  • People professionals play the role of change champion by ensuring they are guiding business partners to promote an appropriate environment guaranteeing successful review of all initiatives successfully and holistically.

They ensure that they pursue a strategic change approach in planning and the change implementation process. This is while partnering with multiple stakeholders for success in their operations.

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