(Solution) 3C001 organisational goals and why it is important for organisations to plan. (AC1.2)


MNGH-A is an organisation mandated to offer healthcare support to army employees and their families (MNGHA, 2022). For achieving this purpose, their goals are as summarised in figure 2;

Figure 2: MNGH-A Organisation Goals Summary

The organisation goals entail;

  • Provision of high-level quality of HealthCare services to army personnel and their dependents
  • Improve clinical health excellence in regard to promoting patient safety and holistic satisfaction
  • Attaining a financial sustainability in their active practice
  • Development of a high-level inclusivity, diversity of workforce by motivating, innovating, empowering others and self-development

In regard to organisation planning, MNGH-A (2022) note that this is important for ensuring organisations are developing holistic planning and attain identified goals. The relevance of this entail;

Increasing Productivity and Operational Efficiencies- Through an effective organisation planning, it is possible harnessing productivity levels and operational efficiencies for overall entity. For instance, in MNGH-A, operating in healthcare sector, by appropriate planning, it is possible to perform their roles efficiently and effectively. Since COVID-19 pandemic emerged, MNGH-A has set an organisation planning which is being used as a roadmap for attaining attainment of set goals.

Creativity and innovativeness- Since the modern business environment is characterised with immense technology and innovation, through organisation planning, holistic innovation is attained. This is through development of products and services integrating factors of innovativeness. As supported in Knoema (2022), MNGH-A adopt organisation planning in attaining significant levels of value, improving process, productivity and harmonious co-existence.

Leveraging on Competitive Advantage in market- Through an appropriate planning, MNGH-A has managed to acquire a top ranking in the healthcare sector in KSA. This is through a leverage on competitive advantage and market dominance. For the planners in MNGH-A, they ensure they evaluate market factors, research on their competitors and develop quality products.

Offering a sense of direction to entire teams- Since organisations are comprised of multiple departments, it is possible to adopt actions of planning. This is while increasing clients needs provision, strict deadlines met, loosing responsibility and transitioning far from appropriate goals and targeting.

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