(Solution) 7C004 Task 2.3: Explain how you have addressed the ethical issues connected with your project


Selected Title: Business Research in People Practice Impact of Training and Development on the Improvement of Employee Performance in the IT sector of Saudi Arabia

This study would be conducted by talking interviews with the managers from the IT sector of Saudi Arabia. Therefore, according to CIPD (2019) the researchers need to be careful about the confidentiality of the participants during the data collection process. Informed consent should be received before the start of the interview process. Moreover, the rules of the GDPR act need to be maintained throughout the research study.

The Anonymous data collection process would be maintained and the focus should be kept only on the research questions. No personal questions would be asked to the participants that can dissatisfy the participants and are irrelevant to the research questions. The collected data will be stored in the university portal with password encryption so that nobody except the researcher can access the data. After finishing the research work, the collected data will be destroyed after two to three months from the portal with the permission of the university (Roth & Unger, 2018).

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