(Solution) 7C004 Task 3.1: Calculate the costs of different options for collecting and analysing data


Selected Title: Business Research in People Practice Impact of Training and Development on the Improvement of Employee Performance in the IT sector of Saudi Arabia

While working on this research, apart from the time which would be used as a resource by the researcher, there are similarly more resources/costs to be used in data collection and entire research work. Other than inviting the identified respondents in enrolling in the current study, different tools would also be sourced based on their relevance and their subscription. For instance, to use the survey monkey (Survey Monkey, 2022), the questionnaire could be posted which could amount to $50.

Further, the SPSS Software freely downloaded from the provider website would similarly demand internet subscription for their application with less hindrance. Further, non-monetary incentives could also be provided.

According to Patel and Pillai (2021), in a research case, input form the respondents are not holistic in their financial appreciation. Therefore, there lack non-monetary incentives offered. Considering this is an academic research work, experts would not be engaged to pursue the research for the student.

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