(Solution) 7C004 Task 4.1: Justify the conclusions, showing how you drew on the data to do this


In this research, it has focused on evaluating training and development for improving organisations performance as a significant people practice factor. The rationale of this has been informed by the fact that there is a gap in training and development strategies, this research has also noted on the existence of a similar issue in IT sector in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, by integrating the most appropriate practice in this research findings, IT sector would holistically embrace an increased training and development approaches. From the findings obtained from primary and secondary research, the employees have a positive perceptions on the importance of adopting appropriate training and development opportunities. This is intended to promote their capacity to execute their functions effectively and as expected.

In this report, the analysis of primary data has established that training and development positively and significantly lead to an improved performance of employees. The primary data obtained by use of questionnaires which note contemporary organisations as successfully existing in enormously competitive business environment. This is with the data collected evidencing the presence of issues for success in adopting training and development approaches. This means that IT sector in Saudi Arabia need to integrate best practice in managing such challenges.

Also, in the primary data analysis it is worth concluding that it is important for people function to ensure they embrace most appropriate strategy in training and development. Nevertheless, owing to the presence of a significant gap, future research work is core for evaluation of the identified area in-depth. The analysis indicated that training and development harness motivation, capability, good leadership, high-level performance are achieved in organisation. There is nevertheless a necessity to evaluate the need to pursue various focus areas and interest. Generally, a detailed embrace on training and development approaches have a positive contribution. Considering IT sector in Saudi Arabia, due to the prevalence labour crunch which has been because of the COVID-19 pandemic, training and development is important to elicit significant change in the sector.

Finally, in this research, it is evident that the primary data mirror secondary research available on training and development impact on motivation, performance and appropriateness of leadership used. This is particularly the case when training and development is implemented in an elaborate business area. This is core for success in the process identified as future-based with most appropriate strategy in entity practice pursued. This is in enormously competitive business environment.

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