(Solution) 7C004 Task 4.2: Devise a set of business-focused recommendations, action points and a cost-benefit analysis


From the conclusions, various improvement areas could be identified and considered. The relevance of this is informed by view that since technology development was initiated, new opportunities have emerged which guide the need for talent development approaches. This is informed by COVID-19 pandemic emergence which has affected the consistency of talent development approaches. Therefore, by putting into account of the various recommendations suggested, various stakeholders interests including managers and directors, administration and people practice professionals engaged in the process adoption. For the overall employee lifecycle Aspers and Corte (2019), it is essential for IT sector in KSA organisations to put in place training and development approaches to promote and achieve an increased employee performance. This is while co-ordinately prioritising on technology and innovativeness embrace to promote training and development.

Therefore, the different recommendations relevant for this project are;

Recommendation 1: In a period of 14 months, IT sector in KSA would need to make sure they harness a high level employees training and development practices to achieve 80% motivation and commitment for their employees

Recommendation 2: In a timeline of 6 months, the IT sector in Saudi Arabia would ensure they achieve 80% of aligned culture with 90% increased performance of the employees.

Recommendation 3: Within a period of 8 months, appropriate training and development policy would be advanced for IT sector in Saudi Arabia prioritised for attaining stakeholders inclusion with 90% increased commitment and appropriate leadership structure put in place.

Recommendation 4: Within a timeline of 10 months, IT sector in Saudi Arabia would have to make sure they are successful aligning training and development with other people function roles in their prioritisation of achievement of 90% increased performance in the sector.

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