(Solution) 7CO04 Task 1.3: Devise one or more research questions to examine during the research and in the final report


Selected Title: Business Research in People Practice Impact of Training and Development on the Improvement of Employee Performance in the IT sector of Saudi Arabia

In this project, the different research questions which would be put into account. The research questions would be used in informing the findings of the research. These include;

RQ1: What are the ways does training and development assist in offering opportunities for employees career growth opportunities?

RQ2: How does training and development assist organisations in keeping their employees highly motivated while strengthening their capabilities?

 RQ3: What is the relationship of training and development and employees effective leadership?

RQ4: Hypothesis; Organisations will use training and development on the improvement of employee performance in the IT sector in Saudi Arabia

Therefore, the findings which would be obtained in this project would attempt to evaluate the determinants of employees performance from opportunities offered for learning and development. The areas of consideration would include and not limited to employees career growth opportunities, strengthening capabilities and effective leadership. These are core for the success of the research process.

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