(Solution) Advantages and disadvantages of leadership and management development



Management and leadership can be identified as distinct instead of integrated and complementary practices with an immense implication on the organisational performance. This is affirmed by Bolden (2007) report that focused on the trends and perspectives in management and leadership development.  The report found out that the concepts of management and leadership development have been adopted significantly interchangeably since there exists a large degree of overlap.  Based on the findings presented in Thorpe (2016) report, the primary difference between leadership and management development is the level in which they are used to prepare individuals for roles or occurrences beyond their current experience.  This is the case since management development focuses on equipping managers with knowledge, skills and abilities for enhancing their performance on specific identifiable tasks by following proven solutions. This is contrary to leadership development which is identified as a process of building capacity while anticipating for future challenges.  In particular, Day (2000) noted that management development ensures that a manager gains grips on the aspects of managing including planning, execution, prioritization and control processes while leadership development focuses on harnessing a leader’s interpersonal awareness and skills. This includes team development processes and any activity that harness commitment levels for an organisation vision and strategy.

In regard to similarities, Thorpe, (2016) argued that leaders and managers are extremely influential in establishing high-performance organisations. Hence, organisations facilitating management and leadership development leverage from increased talent availability and competitive advantage. This is through enhanced leadership skills, increased self-awareness and confidence, enhanced interpersonal and emotional management skills, and broadened perspectives. Specific organizational benefits highlighted include productivity, financial performance and competitive advantage (Lunenburg, 2011; Simply Learning, 2019). Further, Dusterhoff et al. (2014) presented viewpoints linking leadership and management by noting that leadership is a competence among a range essential for effective management. As such, managers and leaders exist in an organisation with complementary roles and their harmonious working is to the advantage of their entity.

Advantages of Leadership and Management Development

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