(Solution) Analyse how people practice connects with other areas of an organisation and supports wider people and organisational strategies. (AC3.2)


The people practice, commonly known as the HR function, is arguably an organisation’s most invaluable function because it influences all other functions and areas in the organisation. According to CIPD (2022), the people practice helps firms to deliver their corporate strategy through effective employee recruitment, development and performance management. This is why people practices must link consistently with all other parts of the organisation, ranging from marketing to finance and operations (Taylor & Woodhams, 2022).
The connection between wider organisational strategies and people practice is best explained using the concept of vertical integration. This implies that people professionals have to link their people practices and strategies with the corporate strategy. For example, if the company is downsizing, HR managers must also restructure the workforce by cutting down on the number of new recruits (Taylor & Woodhams, 2022). The same applies to horizontal integration: people practices such as recruitment, reward, and training must be aligned with the overall business strategy. People practice influences people strategies in different ways. For instance, a strategy of employing fewer but sufficiently rewarded employees will affect the kind of training programs and reward mechanisms that HR managers develop (Taylor & Woodhams, 2022).  
Discuss processes for consulting and engaging with internal customers to understand their needs. (AC3.3) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to only list your long references in the reference box provided at the end of this section. Word count: Approximately 350 words.

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