(Solution) Avado 5C001 People practices impact on organisational culture and behaviour; examples for arguments support


According to Investopedia (2021), organisation structure and system include a highlight of specific strategies influencing a direct achievement of organisation goals. Conversely, as explained in CIPD (2021j), workforce planning is successfully implemented to harness the possibility of setting strategies for improving employees relations. The impact of people practices to the systems and structures include;

Learning Needs Analysis– Considering the People Management (2017) findings, a main people practice professional pursue Learning Needs Analysis (LNA) evidencing detailed analysis put into account. For MNGHA case study organisation, LNA is relevant for guaranteeing internal and external drivers integration.

An immense talent pool established– In line with Kichuk et al. (2019) an enormous talent pool is set in an organisation since they take the position of an employer brand. Employees value proposition is also holistically attained. Through an involvement of people practice professionals, good system and structure are aligned to organisation goals holistically.

Resourcing strategies– According to CIPD (2021k), various approaches are applied in sourcing for most qualified employees in place. For MNGHA case study organisation and various subsidiaries, investment in their operations is effective to actively resource employees and guarantee sustainable practice. A relevant instance which can be considered is Saudi Aramco which adopt most appropriate strategy influencing systems and structures approaches in organisation practice.

Industrial Relations– According to CIPD (2021j), this is identified as a specialist knowledge category of the CIPD HR Professional Map. Through this, the people practice professionals are in a position of ensuring they offer guidance to note and involve the management in the entire conflicts management in a prompt manner and the way attraction of immense achievements in an organisation is attained. Holistic industrial relations are in particular core in modern economic issues which include of layoff amongst the immense issues.

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