(Solution) Avado 5C003 Task One –Professional, ethical, and inclusive behaviours


Task One Professional, ethical, and inclusive behaviours.

In this this task, you are required to demonstrate a professional level of knowledge and understanding in relation to ‘professional, ethical and inclusive behaviours’.

To complete the task, you should provide a written response to each of the points below, making appropriate use of academic theory and practical examples to expand your response and illustrate key points.

To help the reader, please make use of headings and assessment criteria references to signpost the assessment criteria being addressed.

  1. 1)  Define the term professional and explain what it means to be a ‘people professional’. (AC 1.1)
  2. 2)  Explore how the role of a people professional (either a generalist or a particular specialist) is evolving and the priorities this raises for continuing professional development (CPD) (AC 3.1)
  3. 3)  Discuss the concept of ‘ethical values’, and how at least three ethical values that you hold personally, impact (or could impact) on your work as a people professional. (AC 1.2)
  4. 4)  Explain why it is essential for people professionals to contribute confidently to discussions, and ways of doing this that are (AC 1.3): ▪ informed ▪ clear
    ▪ engaging.
  5. 5)  Discuss when and how to raise concerns when issues such as organisational policies or leadership approaches conflict with ethical values or legislation. (AC 1.4)
  6. 6)  Provide a robust argument for ethical people practice that is supported by academic theory and details both the business and human benefits of people at work feeling included, valued and fairly treated. (AC 2.1)
  7. 7)  Drawing on your own or a hypothetical example of providing a people practice solution to meet a particular need or introducing a new policy or initiative, describe:
    • ▪  strategies for designing the solution/initiative so that it will be inclusive
    • ▪  strategies for checking that, when in practice, the solution/initiative engages and meets the needs of all those it is aimed at. (AC 2.2)


Your evidence must consist of:

▪ Written responses to each of the 7 instructions above. Approximately 2100 words in total, refer to CIPD word count policy


Table of Contents

Introduction. 2

1.1 Defining Term Professional 3

1.1 Meaning of term people practice professional 4

1.2 Ethical Values Concept. 5

1.2 Ethical Values which I Hold Impact 6

1.3 Engaging and well-informed contribution for discussing support on application of good people practice. 7

1.4 Took responsibility of my work/actions, recognised and rectified mistakes. 8

1.5 Raising concerns when issues including organisation policies/leadership approaches conflict with ethical values/legislation   9

2.1 Ethical people practice supported by academic theory business and human benefits of feeling included, valued and fairly treated   10

2.2 Design Solution informed by engagement with others particularly those affected by a solution. 11

2.3 Impact of solution in terms of how well it met the needs of and engaged all those it was aimed at 12

Task Two- CPD Portfolio. 13

Activity 1- The Context of Professional Development 13

3.1. 13

Professional Roles Change. 13

Importance of Changes to CPD. 14

Activity 2- Self Assessment. 15

2.4, 3.2, 3.3. 15

Feedback from Colleagues Evidence 2. 20

Development Plan. 22

Activity 3- Reflective Practice. 26

3.4. 26

CPD.. 27

References. 30

Task One- Conference Presentation on Ethical Practice in Business


Welcome to this presentation

This presentation focuses on ethical practices and impact on business operations

Through a reference on Saudi Aramco where I am based as people practice professional, relevant insights have been generated

Ethics are essential for HR professionals as it elicit influence on transparent, trust-oriented strategy and people practice professionals functions.

1.1 Defining Term Professional

Adopting the Evetts (2014) definition, professionals are individuals who receive an appreciation and rewards for impacting good in a society. They achieve this by being able to exercise their knowledge and skills.

Further, Goodrick and Reay (2011) define a professional as an area under consistent change influenced by moral values, ethical best practice and detailed direction of implementing a strategy in their individualised functions.

1.1 Meaning of term people practice professional

As evidence in CIPD (2021), the people practice professionals are appropriately placed to harness workforce change in their operations. This is by appreciating, communicating and promoting individual value and improve their capability.

For justifying people practice roles, the areas of interest include;

Support services- These are identified in the CIPD HR Professional Map (CIPD, 2021a) as a core area involved to set professional standards. People practice professionals could be grouped into strategic, expertise, recognition capacity and people value for all goals achievement.

Flexible working strategy- For people practices, they are mandated to follow 12 unique career growth areas for people practice professionals. This is to ensure they can work from their location by being facilitated appropriately by their organisation.

Career Growth- As evidenced in CIPD (2022) insights, this is summarised to 12 distinct career areas for people practice professionals. In regard to CIPD HR Professional Map 2021, this include specialists and generalists.

Achieving potential- The potential is achieved based on the obtained experience, skills owned which also guide rewards and benefits accrued.

1.2 Ethical Values Concept

According to CIPD (2022a), the ethical values could be defined as a process for generating moral compass guiding people lives and decision making. This is while doing the best thing as it is the most right thing to be implemented.

Further, in Altuntas et al. (2022), ethical values are identified as the level of importance attached to the need to come up with activities or to live with the most appropriate thing which need to be done. Part of this entail the initiatives pursued to note values of values activities.

Considering my placement on Saudi Aramco, I follow ethics for ensuring I am improving my honest dealing, fairness, integrity, trust and the best organisation value.

1.2 Ethical Values which I Hold Impact

In line with the illustration by CIPD HR Professional map 2020 (CIPD, 2021a), ethics represent a specialist knowledge anchoring moral compass for individuals who work in an organisation and active decisions making.

Additionally, CIPD (2019) note that the ethical values by people practice professionals has a direct implication on decision making n an entity. The result of this is an influence of the overall organisation reputation.

Working as a people practice professional in particular as a HR generalist, my area of operation is guided by ethics aiding my achievement in entire dealings. These examples are;

Mutual respect- This has been necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2021 which significantly affected Saudi Aramco operations and specifically resourcing. A need arose for employees redundancy where consenting with all the employees was essential which I was able to execute effectively.

Responsible for any wrongdoing- Operating as a people practice professional, I am well laced to mentor different managers who lack ability of resolving business area disrupted. A case example is the employees who hesitate to own their mistakes. By guiding them, I achieve the ethical requirement of being able to account for any decision made and likely outcomes which results.

Accommodating all stakeholders interests- Working in Saudi Aramco, my roles are guided by the recent Saudisation policy which make sure the KSA citizens are the priority in offering contracts and also resourcing approaches. This is through an implementation of an equal approach such as the Equality Act 2010 which note on the need for including all people.

1.3 Engaging and well-informed contribution for discussing support on application of good people practice

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