Solution Bradfield 3ELD Evaluating Learning and Development Activities Practical Activity & Written

Activity 1
1a. Agree an opportunity to evaluate an L&D activity/session. In conjunction with
any other key stakeholders of the session, determine the criteria you will use as
the basis of the evaluation and the related information you will need to collect.
1b. Use appropriate methods and evaluation tools to collect the required
1c.Analyse the information and draw evaluation conclusions.

Activity 2
Following Activity 1, produce an Evaluation Report in which you explain:
 key reasons for evaluating L&D activities
 different levels of, and approaches to, evaluating L&D activities
 the criteria, information and collection methods you used in this evaluation
 your evaluation findings (presented in a range of formats e.g. text, tables,
charts and diagrams) and related recommendations


2.1 Session to be evaluated

In this evaluation, a pre-course knowledge questionnaire has been used. The title of the session was introduction to Scuba driving which was carried out from the Rotana Towers, Dubai. I was the facilitator or the trainer in this event. This session was informed by the view that all trainees share a similar goal which is learning new knowledge and skills and putting the learning process into an active practice as soon as possible. From the session, the criteria used were intended to tell more information on the participant’s expectations, highlighting on their abilities and background and focusing on their needs and preferences. The information that was gathered in this pre-course knowledge questionnaire offered more information on running the main training, delivery and the contents to be covered. Also, it assisted in making changes and improvements maximizing the participant’s results. In particular, this was achieved by evaluating the following from the collected information;

  • Was the trainee easy to understand?
  • Was the content to trained relevant?
  • Was the environment conducive to learning?
  • Are the trainees in a capacity to apply what they learn?

In the pre-course knowledge questionnaire, the questions in table 1 were asked;

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