(Solution) CIPD 5C003 Appraise what it means to be a people professional (AC 1.1)


A professional is defined as an individual with ability of using their knowledge and skills for gaining competency in an area. Based on experience, professionals evidence high-level discipline and ethics with their operations being guided by a professional body/union. Further, as evidenced in Bridges (2018), a profession determines how a professional works informed by their skills and competencies. Considering the CIPD HR Professional Map, people practice professionals roles are guided by their possessed core behaviour, specialist knowledge and core knowledge (CIPD, 2022). The people practice professionals mandate entail facilitating the employees welfare with their focus being people interests are achieved. Further, they are mandated with the role of adoption of core value including ethical practice, integrity, accountable and harnessing diversity in managing others interests (Modha, 2021). In the entire organisation operations, people practice professionals make sure their interests in workplace are guided by strategy and plans set. For example, to achieve an organisational development, people professionals make sure their organisations are appropriately investing on skills (CIPD, 2022a). This is core to make sure the set organisation objectives are successfully attained. As evidenced in CIPD HR Professional Map, people professionals operate in a principles-led approach and make sure people are a priority to acknowledge how they are worth and unique (CIPD, 2022). Working as a people practice professional, it is core treating staff fairly and equally managed in terms of their protection by law.  
Explore how the role of a people professional is evolving and the implications this has for continuing professional development (AC 3.1) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to only list your long references in the reference box provided at the end of this section.  Wordcount: Approximately 300 words.

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