(Solution) CIPD 5C003 How the role of a people professional is evolving and the implications this has for continuing professional development (AC 3.1)


The people practice professionals roles evolving is linked to the aspects of globalisation, external factors and trends and technology emergence. According to CIPD (2022b), today, employees retention is an attribute to motivation and satisfaction and attained by offering staff with voice and scope of agreement. The people practice professionals roles include evaluation of the employees needs and establishing their achievement. Secondly, the people practice professionals roles has evolved to increased use of technology to become tech savvy. This evolution is evidenced by the people practice operations in learning and development (L&D) and effective resourcing (Shahriar et al., 2022). This evidence that the people professionals ought to possess sufficient tech savvy skills for promoting efficient and effective decision making. Third, people practice professionals have evolved to  from administration to strategy. For instance, in MNGHA, people practice professionals are significantly being engaged in strategic planning of talent pools. The outcome of this is the organisation engaging the right people and professionals in their turnover. Impacts on CPD Adopting the definition of CIPD (2022c), the CPD entail measures, initiatives and resources applied for acquiring skills and knowledge in line with the noted weakness. Further, the people practice professionals changes to CPD entail an investment on acquisition of different skills and competency. For example, the timeline used in acquiring the knowledge has significantly reduced owing to the implementation of technology. Also, a strategic approach is being adopted to accomplish both the short and long-term CPD objectives.
Recognise how personal and ethical values can be applied in the context of people practice. (AC 1.2) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to only list your long references in the reference box provided at the end of this section.  Wordcount: Approximately 300 words.

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