(Solution) CIPD 5C003 importance of people professionals contributing to discussions in an informed, clear and confident way to influence others. (AC 1.3)


People professionals work in an active collaboration with the different stakeholders. This is an indicator that they consistently share ideas through informed, clear and confidently. These ensures clear understanding of all ideas, areas of interest and prioritised to implement.
A contribution by embrace of informed way primarily entail support of argument through credibility and reliability in tracing entire pieces of evidence (Kumah et al., 2019). In my role as a people professional, a need arose to establish if transformational or management style is the most appropriate. I managed to adopt the application of various sources and resources in peer reviewed, books publications and other sources. From this, I was able to input the discussion from an informed perspective and convinced all the stakeholders in the process of debating.
Clearly contributions to the ideas entail embrace of appropriate communication skills and right style (Papadatou et al., 2021). The people practice professionals engage in sharing of ideas clearly through writing and communicating with audience clearly identified. For my practice, during discussions, I ensure that my points are clearly presented and shared through the right platform. Also, I make sure I am consistently involving the stakeholders to engage and debate on the different concepts and the necessity for clarifying them. My contributions clearly entail pursuing interactions by questioning and answering all raised issues.
By being confident to contribute to debates and discussions is primarily based on voice, extent and tone applied in the ideas. According to Fernandez and Gallardo-Gallardo (2021), people practice professionals ought to speak up on ideas they have in a friendly tone and clearly understandable. Confidence is similarly evidenced by failing in being hesitant to share ideas or area of interest. In my practice, when I am engaging professionals or those lower levels, I use content which is suitable to them. I also make colourful and in-depth presentations which guarantee them with an opportunity of understanding the contents.
Recognise when and how you would raise matters which conflict with ethical values or legislation. (AC 1.4) Short references should be added into your narrative below. Please remember to only list your long references in the reference box provided at the end of this section.  Wordcount: Approximately 300 words.

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