(Solution) CIPD 5C003 Reflect on the impact of your continuing professional development activities on own behaviour and performance (AC 3.4)


What CPD activity did I do?Why did I do it?What did I learning from it?
I pursued a seminar virtually made in a period of 5 working days   In the webinar, lecturers were listened to, answers to posed issues and team-based practiceI am acknowledging technologies for its core in contemporary entities.   People practice professionals ought to appreciate technologies application in services provision   I participated in various CPD initiativesI managed to gain appropriate insights on people initiatives starting from recruitment to selection to development. Besides, there exist appropriate learning areas for use of IT in organisations through managing their misuse. This is with all employees appropriately facilitated with appropriate technical skills and acquiring knowledge
I pursued 4 weeks self-based learning in area of leadership and management and strategies for modern environment. I was able to utilise a series of materials such as CIPD Factsheets, publications and peer reviewed journals   For example, I was able to review recent publications and appropriately referenced to themBy being recommended to pursue this by my mentor, the rationale of pursing appropriate skills was core for managing technology effectively as a leader   I similarly acquired insights and information on future demands for leadership and management in their functionsI understood leadership and management process as changing consistently and evidencing effectiveness of leadership and management effectively by embrace of charismatic, engagement, IT skills, critical thinking and making decisions     I further gained relevant insights on the functions of leaders and managers on lowering and implementing change demographic
I pursued a project which was informed by the need for upgrading capacity of the organisation in applying technology.   I similarly took an active role in initiating a learning and development initiative for staff to be able to embrace technology. This presented a chance for  collaborationI assumed the role of pursuing team-based practice in information technology application   I similarly managed in engaging the departments for promoting growth and development for staffI acquired appropriate insights on collaborative input and core skills and engaging professionals. I observed that culture competency is core for team-based practice and core for collaboration   I similarly acquired insights on best practice of initiating development programs for continuously interacting and engaging workforce demands

Impact of my CPD on my behaviour and performance

There prevail relevant strengths and drawbacks for CPD for my individual performance and behaviours. The positive implication of pursuing learning on technology and effectiveness of leadership and management was instrumental. This is core for services provision successfully and people practice level-quality. Applying IT is essential to promote communication effectiveness (CIPD, 2022). This however negatively affected me in regard to a set of issues being faced with organisation and clients data risked for accessing insights of unauthorised people.

The positive impact of learning on change of leadership and management skills today is for appreciating the relevance of possessing appropriate competency and knowledge for leadership and management demonstration including managing conflicts and adding value (CIPD, 2022a). Further, appreciating the evident skills is core to promote workplace relations linked with increasing performance, satisfied and motivated. The different skills are core for elimination of likely conflicts and lowered turnover risks. Negatively, the different skills and knowledge acquisition require immense time to be consumed and hence confused particularly exhibited by leadership and management exhibition.

There prevail a positive implication in pursuing initiatives to upgrade information management systems for increased efficiencies and sourcing and analysis of data for appropriate decision making. Also, errors linked to data entry are lowered and the staff and workforce operating in various areas lowered. A negative implication associated with this entailed interfering with the work-life balance of the different employees. Further, there prevail risks of information access by people who are not authorised by the organisation with relevant measures lacking for the process implementation.

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